This didactic method is addressed to all the bass players who want to refine and strongly improve their technique and instrument knowledge. Then, you will find a wide range of exercises for each topic touched upon (left hand independence and fluency, speed and right hand co-ordination, dynamics, accents, complex rhythms, etc.). You will notice that there will be no playing speed in the exercises featured in the book. It’s up to you to find and choose the best one, beginning slowly with the metronome, of course, gradually increasing the speed and always keeping your exercise clean and perfectly in time. For receiving examples of audios related to each exercise send me an email to I’m always available to clarify matters and doubts about the content of the book!

You can find everything concerning all aspects relating to theory, harmony, chords, scales, etc., in my first didactic method “Teoria e pratica del basso elettrico volume 1” (Edizioni Momenti), that you can buy either in Pdf Here   or paper form Here