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Why a third book dedicated to Jaco? A very legitimate question! The fact is that, in my opinion, a hundred books would not be enough to study such an important musician in depth! After having published my collection of 70 transcriptions, many colleagues asked me to write a didactic book to analyse his instrumentation, his techniques, his clichés, his compositions and so on. Thus, 'Jaco Pastorius: Complete Study' was born. I did my best to squeeze as many topics as possible into a book with not too many pages, and I must admit that the end result was a success, with positive reviews even from famous bass players. Despite this, in the last year, the requests for further study by students and, I repeat, fellow bassists, have arrived in the hundreds (and this makes me happy, let me be clear!), I decided to create this sequel, hoping (as always with my best efforts) to do an interesting work and especially up to the height of an immense character like Jaco.
As always, attached to the book, there will be instructional videos, audio examples, and backing tracks.
Short biography
Chapter 1: Modern Electric Bass
Chapter 2: Deepening the various exercises
Chapter 3: Other Jaco-style exercises
Chapter 4: Jaco Cliché (Part 2)
Chapter 5: Other transcribed pieces
Chapter 6: Analysis of his lines and compositions

Jaco - Complete study 2 (Eng)

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