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A little bit of me!

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At the age of 15, after a few months of playing guitar, I started playing bass. However, music remained a hobby for several years. So I start playing with various local bands, with whom I tour various Tuscan clubs. So I begin to feel the need to enroll in a music school, and I manage to enter the Lizard Music Academy, in Fiesole (FI), following a textbook path, with excellent results. In 2012, music officially becomes my job. I start an intense live activity and to carry out private lessons in bass and music theory. Also I approach the world of jazz and start playing almost exclusively the fretless bass, in the meantime finishing the Lizard, graduating with full marks and special dimension. In January 2015 I officially become Diletta Landi's bass player (who will also become my wife !!!). It was with her that I began to play on important stages such as the Ariston of Sanremo and many others. In the meantime I start collaborating with several artists in the studio. Currently, in addition to playing with Diletta Landi (with whom I have various formations) I am part of one of the most important official Pooh cover bands, the Viva, with whom I play throughout Italy. My studies continue, and among the main teachers I can mention Matteo Giannetti, Federico Gori, Massimo Morriconi, Scott Devine etc.
I have written several books on the electric bass:
- Theory and practice of the electric bass, vol 1 (2015)
- 500 advanced level exercises for Electric Bass (2018)
- Bass Transcriptions of The Complete Discography of Queen (2020)
- The Best of Jaco Pastorius (70 bass transcriptions) (2020)
- Jaco Pastorius: complete study vol. 1 (2021)
- Complete course of applied Harmony for bass players (2021)
- John Deacon: The complete study (2021)
- Learning the Walking Bass (2021)
- The electric bass workshop (2021)
- The fretless bass (2022)
- Jaco Pastorius: complete study vol. 2 (2022)
- Red Canzian (Pooh): over 40 bass transcriptions (2022)

- Flea: 60 Transcriptions (2022)

- Sheet music collection (2023)

- Profession: Bass player (2023)

- Studying classical music on bass (2023)

- The Best of Bass: 100 Transcriptions - Volume 1 (2023)

- Studying chords on bass (2023)

- The Best of Bass: 100 Transcriptions - Volume 2 (2023)

- A definitive study of arpeggios and scales on bass (2023)

Regarding my musical influences it is really complicated to be able to summarize in a few lines, let's say that I have always particularly loved 70s Rock and 60s Italian music. Then over the years I got very close to Fusion, Funk and Jazz. But I am someone who, to make a long story short, listens from Bach to Mina via Charlie Parker!!! 
The bassists who have influenced me the most are Jaco Pastorius, John Deacon, Flea, Sting, Rocco Prestia, Pino Palladino, Massimo Moriconi and many many others.

My 2023 live projects are:

Viva (Official Pooh Tribute Band)

Eli & Igor - Voice and Bass duet

I teach music privately, online, and at the Lizard school in Livorno, Italy.


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