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A little bit of me!

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At the age of 15, after a few months of playing guitar, I started playing bass. However, music remained a hobby for several years. So I start playing with various local bands, with whom I tour various Tuscan clubs. So I begin to feel the need to enroll in a music school, and I manage to enter the Lizard Music Academy, in Fiesole (FI), following a textbook path, with excellent results. In 2012, music officially becomes my job. I start an intense live activity and to carry out private lessons in bass and music theory. Also I approach the world of jazz and start playing almost exclusively the fretless bass, in the meantime finishing the Lizard, graduating with full marks and special dimension. In January 2015 I officially become Diletta Landi's bass player (who will also become my wife !!!). It was with her that I began to play on important stages such as the Ariston of Sanremo and many others. In the meantime I start collaborating with several artists in the studio. Currently, in addition to playing with Diletta Landi (with whom I have various formations) I am part of one of the most important official Pooh cover bands, the Viva, with whom I play throughout Italy. My studies continue, and among the main teachers I can mention Matteo Giannetti, Federico Gori, Massimo Morriconi, Scott Devine etc.
I have written several books on the electric bass:
- Theory and practice of the electric bass, vol 1 (2015)
- 500 advanced level exercises for Electric Bass (2018)
- Bass Transcriptions of The Complete Discography of Queen (2020)
- The Best of Jaco Pastorius (70 bass transcriptions) (2020/21)
- Jaco Pastorius: complete study vol. 1 (2021)
- Complete course of applied Harmony for bass players (2021)
- John Deacon: The complete study (2021)
- Learning the Walking Bass (2021)
- The electric bass workshop (2021)
- The fretless bass (2022)
- Jaco Pastorius: complete study vol. 2 (2022)
- Red Canzian (Pooh): over 40 bass transcriptions (2022)

- Flea: 60 Transcriptions (2022)

- Sheet music collection (2023)

- Profession: Bass player (2023)

- Studying classical music on bass (2023)

As far as my musical influences are concerned, it is really complicated to be able to summarize in a few lines, let's say that I have always particularly loved 70s Rock and 60s Italian music. Then over the years I got very close to Fusion, Funk and Jazz . But in short, I'm one who listens to Bach to Patty Pravo !!! _ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
The bass players who have influenced me the most are Jaco Pastorius, John Deacon from Queen, Flea from Red Hot, Sting, and many, many, many others!


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