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The best of flea

In this collection you will find more than 60 professional and accurate bass transcriptions of the great Flea, and lots of audio material attached (original songs without bass, audio examples of each song etc). Every single thing was written exclusively by me, every note, chord, solo, etc., was transcribed entirely using only my ear! So forgive me for any mistakes or inaccuracies. All the contents of this collection are for personal and/or educational use only; dissemination and sale are strictly prohibited.

Video demonstrating that there are no scams, and guide to making the donation  LINKS


OTHER METHODS OF MAKING THE DONATION- Directly from Paypal to (specifying 'Flea's book' and in this case notifying me as soon as done)- Bank transfer to cc: Iban IT89B0623014000000043832604

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You will receive the book automatically, with and without tab (initial amount is for reference only)


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