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For the print version, look for the book on amazon in your country!

You will receive a method (with videos, backing tracks, examples, etc.), from the beginners to the advanced level. In addition The topics will be:. History of Walking, study of intervals, arpeggios, scales, modes, etc., the II-V-I major and minor, chordal and scalar approach, chromatic notes, extended chords, rhythmic variations, analysis of walking lines of the greatest bassists in history and much more!

I have written several books on the electric bass, available on my website and on Amazon or Lulu. com: 

Theory and Practice of Bass: Volume 1 (2015)

500 Exercises for Bass (2018)

John Deacon (Queen): 185 Bass Transcriptions (2020)

Jaco Pastorius: 70 Bass Transcriptions (2020)

Jaco Pastorius: The Complete Study - Volume 1 (2021) 

Complete Applied Harmony course for Bass Guitarists (2021)

John Deacon: The Complete Study (2021) 

The Walking Bass (2021) 

The Electric Bass Workshop (Setup, Modifications, Repairs) (2021) 

The Fretless Bass (2022) 

Jaco Pastorius: The Complete Study - Volume 2 (2022) 

Red Canzian (Pooh): over 40 bass transcriptions (2022)

Flea (Red Hot): over 60 bass transcriptions (2022)

Super collection of sheet music: over 1500 songs (2023)

Profession: Bass Player (2023)

Studying classical music on electric bass (2023)

The Best of Bass - Volume 1 (100 Transcriptions) (2023)

Studying chords on bass (2023)

The Best of Bass - Volume 2 (100 Transcriptions) (2023)

Definite study of scales and arpeggios on the electric bass (2024)

Walking Bass (Pdf Eng)

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