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At the moment only available in Italian, if you are interested in English send me an email to igorsardi@gmail.com

This method for electric bass guitar is a collection of exercises of instrumental technique, accessible to everyone, adding for example, for each score, the relative tablature, so that even those who do not read, or who are still beginners in reading music, can still understand perfectly and can correctly perform each exercise proposed. 
The first part of the text deals with modern theory and harmony, specifically for the bass guitar, where you can find a lot of useful information, both to understand certain topics and to understand how to put them into practice. 
The second part, however, is composed entirely of practical exercises, from which you can take ideas to create your own, designed for both the right hand, that for the left. You will find exercises for the independence of the fingers, for the "cleanliness" of touch and the speed of the right hand, chords, and much more.