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Currently only available in Italian

A complete and in-depth course on everything related to modern music theory and harmony, with the main aim of understanding how to put into practice all the topics covered. By purchasing the course you will automatically receive hours and hours of videos and over 100 pages with explanations, examples, exercises and more.
- Intervals (how to study them and how to use them)
- Triads (how to study them and how to use them)
- Extended chords and arpeggios
- Voicings and inversions
- Scales (how to study them, how to use them and on which chords to play them):
harmonic minor
melodic minor
Whole tone scale
diminished whole/half tone
diminished half/whole tone
blues scale
bebop scales
- Clarification of modal and tonal music, with examples from any musical genre and with the aim of assimilating the sonority of each scale and mode
- Harmonic progressions
- Harmonic analysis
...and much more!