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The Best of Jaco Pastorius 70 Transcriptions (Update Version)


In this collection you will find more than 70 professional and accurate transcriptions of the bass parts (and not only) of the great Jaco Pastorius; everything in this book has been created exclusively by myself, every note, chord, solo etc... has been transcribed entirely using only my ear! So please forgive me for any errors or inaccuracies, but as you will understand, transcribing these pieces is not at all easy. All the contents of this collection are intended exclusively for personal and/or didactic use, and dissemination and sale are absolutely forbidden.
For those who want to deepen the study of the greatest bassist in history can buy two books entirely dedicated to the study of Jaco

*The book in question is free, I only ask for a completely optional donation, as the realization of all this has taken me months of work, but any amount (there is no minimum) is fine, and as soon as you make the donation (specifying that it is related to Jaco's book) you will automatically receive the book in 4 different versions (in Italian with and without tab, and in English with and without tab). For further information of any kind you can write me on whats up 3425636732 or send me an email

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Jaco: The Complete study - Volume 1
(Eng - Ita e Spagnolo)

A teaching method entirely dedicated to the study of the greatest bass player in history, Jaco Pastorius. It will be the continuation of my previous collection with about 60 of his bass transcriptions. (All info here) Chapters and topics (all deepened with audio examples, backing tracks and video lessons) will be: 1 - Complete discography 2 - Jaco's detailed instrumentation (basses, strings, setups, amps, etc. etc.) 3 - Advanced exercises on the triads 4 - Advanced exercises on the triads ) 3 - Advanced exercises on triads 4 - Exercises on arpeggios in 4 and more voices 5 - Exercises on scales, modes, etc. 6 - Exercises and left hand technique 7 - Exercises and right hand technique 8 - Study of fretless bass (intonation, sound, embellishments, melodic phrases etc.. ) 9 - Natural and artificial harmonics (Various techniques to play them, and tips on how to use them) 10 - The walking bass (Various exercises and analysis of Jaco's "walking" style of playing) 11 - Jazz and Beebop (Exercises and examples on how to compose phrasing or improvisations in jazz musical contexts, in the style of Jaco) 12 - Study and analysis of melodies, and improvisations and phrasing of other instruments (Sax, keyboards etc.. ) and transcriptions and analysis of classical music compositions (Bach etc.) 13 - Jaco Cliche' (Analysis, exercises and advice on techniques, musical phrases, etc. typical of Jaco) 14 - Creating grooves, fills, melodies (in various musical genres) putting into practice all the topics covered 15 - Harmonic and melodic analysis of many of his compositions 16 Playing his songs

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Jaco: The Complete study - Volume 2
(Eng - Ita)

Why a third book dedicated to Jaco? A very legitimate question! The fact is that, in my opinion, a hundred books would not be enough to study such an important musician in depth! After having published my collection of 60 transcriptions, many colleagues asked me to write a didactic book to analyse his instrumentation, his techniques, his clichés, his compositions and so on. Thus, 'Jaco Pastorius: Complete Study' was born. I did my best to squeeze as many topics as possible into a book with not too many pages, and I must admit that the end result was a success, with positive reviews even from famous bass players. Despite this, in the last year, the requests for further study by students and, I repeat, fellow bassists, have arrived in the hundreds (and this makes me happy, let me be clear!), I decided to create this sequel, hoping (as always with my best efforts) to do an interesting work and especially up to the height of an immense character like Jaco.
As always, attached to the book, there will be instructional videos, audio examples, and backing tracks.
Short biography
Chapter 1: Modern Electric Bass
Chapter 2: Deepening the various exercises
Chapter 3: Other Jaco-style exercises
Chapter 4: Jaco Cliché (Part 2)
Chapter 5: Other transcribed pieces
Chapter 6: Analysis of his lines and compositions


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