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After receiving so many requests, I translated what was my first book ever! This method for electric bass guitar is mostly a personal collection of exercises in instrumental technique, which I wanted to make accessible to everyone, adding, for example, the tablature for each score, so that even those who do not read, or those who are still new to reading music, can still perfectly understand and can correctly perform each exercise proposed.

The first part of the text deals with modern theory and harmony, specifically for the bass guitar, where you will find a lot of useful information, both for understanding certain topics and for understanding how to put them into practice.

The second part, on the other hand, is entirely made up of practical exercises, from which you will be able to take ideas to create your own, designed for both the right and left hand. You will find exercises for finger independence, for 'clean' touch and speed of the right hand, chords, and much more.

For each exercise you will also find a corresponding audio track with which you can listen to the correct execution, at different speeds. This didactic manual is not intended for beginners, but for those who have already mastered the instrument and want to improve and advance in level. The second volume, on the other hand, will be made up of bases of various different musical genres, on which we will put into practice everything you have studied with this book, as well as delving even deeper into the part of modern harmony. I look forward to seeing you!!!

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