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For the print version, look for the book on amazon in your country!

This new edition of my teaching method contains a very extensive set of exercises covering as many topics as possible. The various theoretical and harmonic notions are only hinted at, for more in-depth information you can purchase my other dedicated teaching methods.

- Left hand exercises
Left hand stretching
The legato
- Right hand exercises
Ghost notes
String skipping
Various rhythmic subdivisions
- Exercises on triads and arpeggios
Inversions and voicings
ninth, eleventh and thirteenth arpeggios
- Major scale and modal scales
- Pentatonic and blues scale
- Harmonic minor scale and modal scales
- Melodic minor scale and modal scales
- Whole tone scale
- Deminished h/w and w/h scales
- The Walking Bass
II - V - I Major
II - V - I minor
'Scalar' approach
Walking on 2 chords per bars
Playing a standard (part 1)
Typical rhythmic variations
Playing a Blues/Jazz
Walking on static chords
Playing a Standard (Part 2)
- Various insights
tritone arpeggios
Hammer on and Pull off (Legato)
Fretboard knowledge and shifting
Chords on bass
"Open" chords
"Double stops"

and much more

Together with the book you will receive all the audio examples and backing tracks

I have written several books on the electric bass, available on my website and on Amazon or Lulu. com: 

Theory and Practice of Bass: Volume 1 (2015)

500 Exercises for Bass (2018)

John Deacon (Queen): 185 Bass Transcriptions (2020)

Jaco Pastorius: 70 Bass Transcriptions (2020)

Jaco Pastorius: The Complete Study - Volume 1 (2021) 

Complete Applied Harmony course for Bass Guitarists (2021)

John Deacon: The Complete Study (2021) 

The Walking Bass (2021) 

The Electric Bass Workshop (Setup, Modifications, Repairs) (2021) 

The Fretless Bass (2022) 

Jaco Pastorius: The Complete Study - Volume 2 (2022) 

Red Canzian (Pooh): over 40 bass transcriptions (2022)

Flea (Red Hot): over 60 bass transcriptions (2022)

Super collection of sheet music: over 1500 songs (2023)

Profession: Bass Player (2023)

Studying classical music on electric bass (2023)

The Best of Bass - Volume 1 (100 Transcriptions) (2023)

Studying chords on bass (2023)

The Best of Bass - Volume 2 (100 Transcriptions) (2023)

Definite study of scales and arpeggios on the electric bass (2024)

500 Exercises for Bass (Pdf Eng)

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