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For the print version, look for the book on amazon in your country!

(By entering, at the time of payment, the code - igorbook ( written like this ) you will receive a big discount). Rather than an actual teaching method, we could call it a kind of "manual" for optimizing various studies, based on my experiences, both as a musician and as a teacher, to give you advice (and avoid unnecessary waste of time and various mistakes) to advance in level, and, why not, make music your profession. This book unfortunately will not be translated into other languages. The topics covered are:

Chapter 1: Instrumentation

-The bass guitar


-Headphones, transmitters etc.

-The strings

-The setup

-How many basses you need and choosing a bass for beginners

Chapter 2: The Sound (effects, pedalboards, etc.)

Chapter 3: The Versatility

Chapter 4: Study methods and daily schedule

Chapter 5: How to prepare for an audition?

Chapter 6: The importance of transcriptions

Chapter 7: The repertoire

Chapter 8: The live performance

Chapter 9: Recording in the studio (or at home!)

Chapter 10: Theory and Harmony - What you really need to know, how to study, and how to put it all into practice

-Basic Theory 



-Chords in 4 and more voices

-Playing chords on the bass guitar


Chapter 11: Timing

Chapter 12: Technique

-Posture, breathing, aches and pains

-Right hand (techniques, dynamics, accents, "staccato" etc.)

-Left hand (string skipping, coordination, shifting, etc.)

Chapter 13: Playing "too much" and consequences

Chapter 14: The importance of being able to read music (all the benefits)

Chapter 15: Composition - How to create a groove or bass line from scratch

Chapter 16: Playing a second instrument (tips and possible benefits)

Chapter 17: Understanding what modal music and modal scales are, and what they can be used for

-Modal scales (really understand them and know how to practice them)

-Musical modes (understand them and learn to hear the "color" of each with examples)

-Examples of melodies, songs etc. if they were written in a different mode

I have written several books on the electric bass, available on my website and on Amazon or Lulu. com: 

Theory and Practice of Bass: Volume 1 (2015)

500 Exercises for Bass (2018)

John Deacon (Queen): 185 Bass Transcriptions (2020)

Jaco Pastorius: 70 Bass Transcriptions (2020)

Jaco Pastorius: The Complete Study - Volume 1 (2021) 

Complete Applied Harmony course for Bass Guitarists (2021)

John Deacon: The Complete Study (2021) 

The Walking Bass (2021) 

The Electric Bass Workshop (Setup, Modifications, Repairs) (2021) 

The Fretless Bass (2022) 

Jaco Pastorius: The Complete Study - Volume 2 (2022) 

Red Canzian (Pooh): over 40 bass transcriptions (2022)

Flea (Red Hot): over 60 bass transcriptions (2022)

Super collection of sheet music: over 1500 songs (2023)

Profession: Bass Player (2023)

Studying classical music on electric bass (2023)

The Best of Bass - Volume 1 (100 Transcriptions) (2023)

Studying chords on bass (2023)

The Best of Bass - Volume 2 (100 Transcriptions) (2023)

Definite study of scales and arpeggios on the electric bass (2024)

Profession: Bass Player

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